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C 2 Pic Match game is a 2 pictures memory match game that is fun to play.

C 2 Pic Match is a good game to help with your brain and memory. It will challenge your brain with having to remember where one of the icon picture you had turned over before if you have already turned that one over before. This game is good for Children and Adults.

It is a fun and easy game to play by yourself on your free time. You can play for hours to pass some time by. It will keep you coming back again and again to play.

C 2 Pic Match game is a very fun and addicting and challenging game to have and play.

How to play C 2 Pic Match game is you are wanting to match 2 of the same pictures to make a match. And after you have made all the pictures match then that level is over and the next board will start automatically for you. The game is over when you have messed up to many times on making matches.

This game is just like my other game called C 2 Memory Match. But this one cost with no ads or no in app cost. Just one time pay for the game $1.99. If you want the free one you can download C 2 Memory Match Game but it has ads.

I hope you have fun and enjoy playing C 2 Pic Match just as much as I have creating it for you to play. So enjoy and have fun

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